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The Human Resource Agency (HRA) offers many services to assist people who live in Glenn County. If you need help with your children; an older or disabled adult; employment and job search; housing or energy assistance; and/or cash aid, then you have come to the right place! The HRA provides all of these services and much more!

Navigating through this website can be done by using the links on the left side of this page as well as links Job Tipsprovided within each page.  These links represent the departments and services provided to the public by the Glenn County Human Resource Agency.  More information about Glenn County and other agencies can be found on the County of Glenn website.

The HRA has two office locations (see below) in Glenn County, one in Willows and one in Orland.

420 E Laurel St.,                               or                    604 E Walker St

Willows, CA  95988                                                 Orland, CA  95963      

(530) 934-6514                                                        (530) 865-1165

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**Please note: The Human Resource Agency provides programs and services to individuals, children and families.   If  you’re looking for information about becoming an employee of Glenn County, please visit the official Glenn County site. On the County of Glenn website, you’ll find a link to the County’s Personnel Department.


Glenn County Human Resource Agency Annual Plans and Press Releases

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Individuals, Families and Communities:

Successful, Safe and Strong



To promote the success and safety of Individuals, Families and Communities through responsible and effective administration of public services.


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